About the cycling camp Dock

The cycling camp Dock is a part of a city district called Brná in Ústí n.L. and it is located about 5 km south from the centre of Ústí n.L. in České středohoří (Czech upland) on the right bank of the river Labe right on the Labská cycling path. Brná, originally a separate village, then served as a holiday resort for people living in Ústí n.L. since the 19th century.

History of the cycling camp Dock is quite long, the complex was constructed in the second half of the 20th century, it was passed as capable on 13.9.1963 as a holiday resort. Most of the time it was owned by České loděnice (Czech docks) that except a private camp, also ran a club of water sports – kayaks and water skis.

In 2013 there is a new owner and the camp is changed into a public cycling camp and a holiday resort Dock. Because of its ideal location right by the river Labe and on the Labská cycling path, it is mainly focused on cyclists and cycling tourists, it is also suitable for tourists, sportsmen or as a place for active rest with friends and for families with children.

The camp has a wide sports hinterland available (a clay court for volleyball or netball played with ball kicked across, a large playground, badminton, in the season of 2014 a boat rental), that's why it is even suitable for sports short-time and recreational stays and stays for families with children.

The complex offers two big wooden terraces, an inside restaurant, two fireplaces, a smoke house and a grill. Boarding is provided by a form of fast food.